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Licence Options:


Personal Digital Download

Up to 5 years for personal use only.  No business, commercial or marketing use. Strictly no sharing or transfer to any other party.


Unauthorised use of image in Newspaper/Magazine

If the image is used in Newspapers, Magazines, Professional Institutations or Businesses, in print or digital use, without authorisation, we will apply this fee without exception.  Legal action will be taken if the fee is not paid.


Display on business website

To be used on your own business website only.


Printed Marketing or Product Packaging

To be used in printed marketing, or product packaging


Event Banners

To be used at any event as the host/seller/market trader


Editorial Inside Placement (Print or Digital)

To be used as an image inside an editorial publication.  Print or Digital Formats included.


Editorial Front Cover (Print or Digital)

To be used as the front cover of an editorial publication.  Print or Digital Formats included.


Newspapers and Magazines (Print or Digital)

To be used by any Newspaper or Magazine


Book Cover

For image use as a book cover and all printed promotional and marketing uses in connection to the book.


5 Year Licence for ALL images Print and Digital

Use of all images on website for Print and Digital purposes, for 5 years.


Internet Marketing/Adverts

Use for internet marking and adverts

Digital File and Licences

    • Discount codes are not valid for digital files.  If used, a full refund will be provided, without exception.

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