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"My partner bought me one of your prints for my birthday. Just want to say it's brilliant"

Craig via Twitter

"Probably should have messaged you sooner mate, but just wanted to let you know I got the picture & it's awesome, perfect size & looks brilliant!"

Dave via Twitter

"Mate, that canvas is stunning thanks very much".

NUFC Belfast via Twitter

"Print arrived today. Thank you so much, Love it"

Jill via Twitter

"Book arrived, exceeded my expectations, reminds me of home and great quality, many thanks Carl"

Robbie via Twitter

"Hi mate, your book is amazing, such great photos and the quality is top notch, Thank you"

Jonathan via Twiter

"I just got my book today and it's brilliant!!"

Ellie via Twitter

"Sorry it's taken me so long, but Carl, the book "It's Grim Up North" I love it, it's a stunning piece of work.  I wasn't homesick before, but I don't mind admitting I shed a few.  I love the place with a passion, just like all exiled Geordies. 

Rob via Twitter

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